Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hemi 426 vs. boss 429

Durring the early 70's nascar was using bigblocks in the stock cars,chevy with the 454 and hemi was on top with the monster 426. but up until the mid 70's Ford was the underdog with thier 400 so they desided they needed to step it up, so they came out with the the boss 429.when the nascar officials seen this they decided to pull the plug on the big blocks  and switch over to small blocks, before the boss 9 ever had a chance against its mopar and chevy compeditors.
now in my opinion being a mopar man myself the boss 9 was a powerhouse but it probably  couldnt out run the original 426 hemi.  nearly 25 years later the legandary NHRA engine builder john kasse wanted to see if the boss 9 could actually do wat Ford said and run the 426 hemi into the ground, so he recreated the boss 429.The race between the boss and the hemi was actually a pretty even race. who'd a thought ford had such a good thing going for them but it never even had a chance in nascar.


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